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Hawaiian Dobro

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Hawaiian DobroThe Hawaiian Dobro guitar takes the steel guitar, which was invented in Hawaii, and mixes it with the Dobro resonator guitar.  Steel guitars are traditionally played by laying them across the lap and played by putting pressure on the strings using a slide or other type of suitable object.  A Hawaiian Dobro combines this with resonators, creating a guitar that is generally louder than standard lap guitars.

While almost any object can be used to play a Hawaiian steel guitar, a Hawaiian Dobro is usually played with a solid bar made from machined steel and coated with chrome.  This is actually where the term “steel guitar” comes from.

There are a number of different types of Hawaiian Dobro guitars.  The ones created by the Dopyera family, who started the Dobro company, built one with a square neck that had an amazing tone and stage presence.  During the1920s, when Hawaiian music was very popular, this guitar was the instrument of choice for many players.  Today, while Hawaiian Dobros are played by a small number of people, they have also become collectables because of their art deco design.  Many, in fact, are priced rather high because of this.

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