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Hohner Resonator Hrm300

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Hohner has been producing outstanding music instruments for more than 40 years.  They use a 12 step process to create guitars that look great and produce incredible sounds.  When they created their line of resonator guitars, they made certain players had plenty of different options.  The Hohner resonator HRM300 brings all the blues and jazz music you could ever want, but it can go beyond those genres, too.  Players have praised the HRM300, saying it’s one of the best modern resonators they’ve played.

The HRM300 uses a biscuit resonator body with a diamond reso cover.  The top, back, and sides are chrome plated.  The round neck is made from bound mahogany, while the fingerboard is rosewood.  Die-cast tuners complete the package.

Hohner lists the HRM300 at $799.99, but most retailers offer it for between $500 and $550.  At that price, many consider it a steal.

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