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National Cosmopolitan

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National Cosmopolitan GuitarNational, the company that produced the very first resonator guitar, created a number of different types of these instruments.  The National Cosmopolitan guitar was created during the 1950s.  They were built by Valco of Chicago, a company that was formed by Victor Smith, Al Frost, and Louis Dopyera after leaving the National Dobro Company.  They mainly built Spanish acoustic guitars, but they also continued their line of resonator guitars and electric lap steel guitars.  The company merged with Kay Musical Instrument Company in 1967, but the merged company went out of business in 1968, and National Cosmopolitan guitars are now somewhat difficult to find.

When introduced, the National Cosmopolitan (and its sister, the Supro Ozark) was aimed at being a cheap single pickup guitar.  The Cosmopolitan, like all of the National guitars made during the early 50s by Valco, came in a dark sunburst finish.  It also shared some other similarities with these other guitars, such as using Valco-made hardware.

Because the company went under and there weren’t a huge number made, finding a National Cosmopolitan may not be easy.

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