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National Ga920p

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The GA920P by National isn’t a Dobro guitar.  Instead, it’s a head/cab amp that is a great way of amplifying your instruments.  Even though resonator guitars generally do not use amps, you can set up a mic in front of the instrument and run that one through an amp.  The amp is a solid state amp and runs on 45 watts of juice.  It also runs at 50 – 60 cycles and features input and speaker jacks.  The back panel also features two foot switch inputs.

The amp features controls for volume, tone, tremolo, speed, reverb, and depth.  The two footswitches give you control of the reverb and tremolo.  To pump out its power, this amp uses two eight inch speakers.

Finding a National GA920P is not going to be easy, but if you do find one, chances are you won’t have to pay too much.  For an amp made in the 1960s by a big name, they are still relatively cheap.  You can often pick up a used one for less than $100.

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