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Omi Dobro

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Everyone knows the Dobro name—in fact, it has become synonymous with resonator guitars.  But few people know that the Dopyera Brothers, the founders of the Dobro company, actually created another guitar manufacturing business: OMI, or Original Musical Instrument Company, was founded by Emil “Ed” Dopyera and Rudy Dopyera.  John, the inventor of the resonator guitar, was not a part of OMI.

OMI was formed in 1967 after the Dobro brothers sold the Dobro company to Semie Moseley, who merged it with Mosrite.  Rudy and Emil decided they wanted to continue manufacturing resonator guitars, and the first OMI instruments were under the brand Hound Dog.  However, just a few years later, Mosrite would go into temporary liquidation, and OMI reacquired the Dobro name.  Later, OMI and Dobro would be purchased by Gibson, who owns the name today.

OMI Dobros were built between 1967 and 1997, when OMI was purchased by Gibson.  They aren’t quite as collectable as vintage Dobro or National guitars, but these OMI Dobros are very playable.  Because they aren’t as collectable, however, it can be difficult to track down an OMI.  Your best bet is to search garage sales and trade shows.

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