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Omi Vintage Dobro

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Collectors of resonator guitars closely follow the history of the Dopyera family.  John Dopyera, the creator of the instrument, and George Beauchamp first formed the National String Instrument Corporation to produce their guitars.  Dopyera later created Dobro with his brothers, including Emile and Rudy.  Following World War II and the end of resonator guitar production by Dobro, Emile and Rudy decided to form their own company.  In 1967, they stared the Original Musical Instrument Company, or OMI for short.

OMI created a number of different resonator guitars.  Most were sold under their Hound Dog name until 1970, when they acquired the Dobro name once more.  The brand had been sold to Mosrite, but that company had gone into temporary liquidation, and the Dopyera brothers were able to re-secure the brand named after them.  OMI would continue to produce resonator guitars for years until, in 1993, they were eventually acquired by Gibson.  Today, Gibson continues to manufacture resonator guitars, and many are similar to OMI vintage Dobro instruments.

While OMI vintage Dobro guitars may not be quite as collectable as National or true Dobros, some of the older ones are sought after.  For example, a vintage 1976 OMI Dobro usually sells for around $700 or $800.

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Vintage 1979 OMI Dobro Model 60D w OHSC
Vintage 1979 OMI Dobro Model 60D w OHSC $1,049.00
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