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Walnut Resonator Dbj45bw

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The Rally 5 string walnut resonator DBJ-45BW is a great resonator banjo that looks nice and sounds really great.  It’s also quite affordable, so almost anyone can buy one and start playing right away.  The neck of this banjo is made from walnut, while the resonator is made from burl walnut.  The rosewood fingerboard plays very nicely.  You’ll find a rolled brass tone ring on the DBJ-45BW, as well as a geared machine head and chrome hardware.  The tuners on this resonator banjo are open geared chrome tuners, and the headplate is a solid air-dried walnut plate.

The fine details on the DBJ-45BW are amazing.  For example, the head features a gorgeous design topped by the Rally logo.  It’s a part of the standard series, and it incorporates many of the same features and decorations that the other banjos in the series have.  While Rally does claim these instruments are highly affordable, they aren’t dirt cheap.  A DBJ-45BW costs around $300.

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